Humanity had unlocked the potential of holographic technology, using AI, thus revolutionizing the way people traveled and experienced the world. The invention of HolloTravel allowed individuals to project their consciousness into a holographic form, exploring the most dangerous and distant places without physically being there.

As HolloTravel gained popularity, people embraced the freedom it offered. They could visit exotic locations, delve into historical eras, explore mystical realms—all while safely remaining in their homes. The holographic avatars were virtually indistinguishable from real humans, providing an immersive and lifelike experience, feeling every breath of air, smelling every wisp of fragrant wilderness and hearing the most distant hums of the seas and oceans. HollowTravel became a testament to human ingenuity, reminding us of the delicate balance between the pursuit of adventure and the preciousness of life itself.

However, a crucial caveat, overshadowed the extraordinary technology. If a person lost consciousness and awareness that they are projecting, or died while in a hologram, their physical body would suffer the same fate, leading to their demise in the real world. Given the fact, that most people’s minds forget that they are not in the real world, they often get lost in the hologram. However, as life on earth kept getting more and more grim, and despite the inherent danger, seekers of a better life and those, yearning to experience the impossible, embraced the thrill and dangers of HolloTravel.  The fear of not coming back from the Hologram, did not stop people from taking the risk, thus dramatically lowering the earth’s population, succumbing to the rise of humanoids and putting humanity on a trajectory of extinction. This further divided the world. 

Scientists and engineers tirelessly worked to enhance safety features and develop fail-safes that further reduced the risk of harm. However, it was hypothesized, based on deciphered carvings on an ancient meteor, that the only key to fully exist and gain control of Holographic existence and maybe even uncover the road to forever, lied in an ancient extraterrestrial technology. Thought to be hidden in a lost artifact, made out of metal of the rarest vibrational frequency. That was the key to tap into super intelligence, to understand consciousness fully and uncover the key to forever, through holographic existence. 

The pursuit of this technology, and its power to shape destinies divided the world. The potential for its weaponry ignited a race to uncover it. 

Amidst this chaos, the  "Edge of Paradise" crew embarked on their most dangerous and crucial mission. Led by Margarita Monet, a space archeologist and explorer with a rebellious spirit, they set out to find this missing link, to deliver it into the right hands, to hopefully restore peace, expand humanity across the galaxies, shatter the concept of time and rebuild a new world. 

Back to the catastrophic landing of the starship, the real danger to the Edge of Paradise crew, is that as hologram grows more unstable each day, weakening their link, their real life is in serious danger of survival, and the only way to come back from the mission is to find the answers and gain control of super intelligence, thus putting the survival of the crew and the world in the hands of hope, bravery and ultimate perseverance.  


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