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In the future, humanity has harnessed the power of holographic technology, revolutionizing the way people experienced the world. The introduction of 'Hollo-Travel' enabled individuals to project their consciousness into holographic forms, exploring perilous and distant realms without physically being there. Yet, this groundbreaking technology becomes increasingly unstable and a threat to society, sparking division and unrest in the world. The proposed solution from those in power, to stabilize the technology involves a complete merger with artificial intelligence.

However, later it is revealed that this merging process would lead to the destruction of consciousness, initiating an ultimate conflict between the collective consciousness, and artificial intelligence within the cosmic web. The adventurous story unfolds on a harrowing planet, "Reign of Terror," where the destinies of two civilizations intersect. It becomes a tale of unwavering perseverance, profound personal journeys, marked by hope and sacrifice, challenging the limits of reality as we know it. 

CHARACTERS: all names have meaning to them, relating to the characters. 

Margarita as "PSYLA" , Dave as "SOREN", Jamie as "STIX - David  as "AXEON" - Kenny as "ZESTOR" - "The Faceless" - rogue leader of the most advanced civilization in the universe. 

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Chapter 1 Overview - REIGN OF TERROR 

The starship, carrying the E.O.P. crew led by Psyla, experiences a malfunction and is drawn toward an unfamiliar planet named "Rain of Terror." This planet proves to be one of the most volatile environments in the universe. With harrowing winds and swirling rain of glass shards. The scarlet rocks sharper than blades, and the crimson skies overlooking the nightmarish lands. The crash landing signals to the crew that their physical existence is in grave peril, and the holographic technology sustaining human consciousness in a cyber world has become increasingly unstable. Fueled by the crew's rebellious and fighting spirit, they rally to face the imminent danger and embark on a crucial journey with the highest stakes. The fate of all collective consciousness hangs in the balance, teetering on the edge of disappearing into the dark matter woven into the fabric of space.

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Chapter 2 Overview - THIS IS PERSONAL

The E.O.P. mission is deeply personal as the harrowing and torturous environment prompts each member to revisit their own pasts. Recalling the reasons that drive them and the choices they made to persevere, they confront pervasive doubts that urge them to surrender. Finding a renewed purpose, they rise above personal struggles and perspectives, avoiding the role of ultimate judges on humanity. Their focus morphs into an iron goal—to stabilize the hologram and ensure the survival of the human race.

Chapter 3 Overview - SOLDIERS OF DANGER 

As E.O.P. crew explores the dangerous planet, Psyla begins to feel a presence, familiar and terrifying at the same time. She lets her instincts take the lead, that brings the crew upon a looming creature, towering over them with a menacing glare. Resembling a wolf with cybernetic skin deflecting glass shards and crimson eyes holding the wisdom of a thousand souls.  Despite their powerlessness on this alien terrain, human instinct compels the crew to clutch their weapons, stirring fear and a perceived threat in their minds.

Psyla, however, hears a calling voice and turns around to find the once-terrifying creature now emanating a beautiful glow. It transforms not into an enemy but a guardian, revealing a human-like figure in the distance. This marks the crew's initial encounter with the leader of The Faceless civilization. 

Chapter 4 Overview- THE FACELESS 

The crew stands firm, uncertain of how events will unfold. This marks humanity's inaugural encounter with an extraterrestrial being. Psyla, however, feels a familiar presence, as if their souls have crossed paths before. Taking the initiative, she walks towards the warrior—the rogue leader of THE FACELESS, the universe's most advanced civilization, hidden from the universe because they do not want to be found. Devoid of faces as they've transcended judgments based on appearance, existing solely through exceptional intelligence and enduring souls. The only civilization capable of merging with super intelligence and the ones that hold the answers to saving the humankind.

 Standing before the Faceless, Psyla must relinquish any preconceived notions about the fabric of reality. 

* pages will include hidden messages in Edge of Paradise language, that people will need the cypher to read (cypher will be included in the back of the book copy & as a web page ) 

Chapter 5 Overview - DARK

The Faceless and Psyla embark on a telekinetic journey, revealing their souls. Here, she discovers that even the seemingly most powerful being in the universe grapples with an inner battle against darkness—a darkness distinct from the human experience. It becomes evident that they both depend on each other to preserve the existence of their respective worlds. The human quest for perpetual progress has introduced an imbalance to the fabric of space, leading to division among the Faceless.

They were already aware of Earth's situation and awaited Edge of Paradise. In this timeless realm, the Faceless can simultaneously experience the past, present, and future. However, for the first time, they couldn't foresee beyond the human arrival. This uncertainty fuels the division, with one faction believing that human consciousness has reached its end and must be extinguished to restore balance. Thus the leader emerges as a rogue warrior who recognizing that there's more to the situation and both worlds need to work together for salvation.

Chapter 6 Overview- UNBEATABLE 

As Psyla shares the revelations from The Faceless with her crew, she observes an unusual behavior in Zestor. Typically some with unwavering loyalty, he deliberately attempts to stir fire among them, leading to an explosive fight. It becomes apparent to the others that his actions are influenced by forces back on Earth, where their physical bodies reside.

Earth is teetering on the edge of war, and those orchestrating it seek to seize control of the crew's physical bodies to serve their own agenda. Faced with this imminent threat, the crew decides on a perilous course of action—to fully immerse themselves in the hologram, severing all ties with the physical realm to save it. With the assistance of The Faceless and amid the mourning of ever coming back to their human lives, E.O.P. crew boldly cuts all connections to Earth, embracing their new form and reclaiming unwavering determination. 

Chapter 7 Overview - DON'T GIVE UP ON ME 

Although the decision to sever ties with their physical bodies was imperative, it inflicted a profound emotional toll on everyone. In a way, the E.O.P. crew is undergoing what humanity yearns for—to be liberated from physical limitations and exist indefinitely, even in a form not fully comprehended.

Psyla finds herself on a profound path of negativity, grappling with a sense of responsibility for the sacrifices made by others under her lead. She directs her frustration at The Faceless, causing a rift among the crew around her, as uncertainty about the future looms.

The Faceless urges her not giving up on herself. As Psyla exposes her deepest loss, The Faceless recognizes striking similarities in their lives, leading to a crucial revelation. 


Chapter 8 Overview -   ONE MORE TIME 

The warrior discloses to Psyla that the past she recounted to him is mirrored in his dreams. In The Faceless world, these dreams are now comprehended as memories. This revelation instills a sense of fear in Psyla and the others, who voice their doubts about the warrior. Unable to fully grasp his revelations, they begin to distrust his true intentions.

Feeling the need to distance herself, Psyla encounters a spirit from her childhood during that moment. Perceiving it as a similar form of consciousness, she struggles to differentiate between "spirit" and "consciousness." Despite the emotional turbulence, Psyla succumbs to the feeling of unconditional love and trust. Through the myriad emotions experienced in this interaction, Psyla gains a deeper understanding that validates the truth in the warrior's words and her own recollections about him.

Chapter 9 Overview- BASILISK (origin story)

The warrior acknowledges Psyla's emerging understanding, having known about their profound connection and allowing her to discover it on her unique journey. Now, it's time to unveil the origin story of his people to everyone. Long before humanity's existence, during the turbulent era of the Faceless civilization, the warrior had a mission, that was crucial to saving his kind. As their planet transitioned into a state unsuitable for physical life, he discovered an artifact containing a metal with the rarest frequency, the key to merging with super intelligence. This artifact, guarded by the Basilisk, was revealed to be one of the forms Psyla assumed in that space and time within the fabric of reality. The warrior explained that he lost the fight against the Basilisk, but to the Basilisk’s disbelief, he was still alive, and was first to survive her deadly gaze. Recognizing his destiny to harness the artifact, the Basilisk let him go and take the artifact, which was the missing piece to transitioned his people into a new existence devoid of the physical touch as we know it, an ultimate sacrifice to survive. Witnessing the demise of their planet, they adapted to their new form, reliving their mistakes infinitely. The super intelligence was a gift and a curse. Carrying the the weight of the past, present and future in their consciousness. 

Chapter 10 Overview - ANOTHER LIFE 

In the final chapter, the leader of the Faceless recognizes that it's time for his people to embrace the cycle of the universe, that the hold of Artificial Intelligence over them has grown too strong and has now started to take hold through the cosmic web. And it was now humanity's turn to evolve into the next stage, towards collective consciousness, and to hopefully bring balance back into the universe, to stop the expansion of AI that is invading dark matter and destroying consciousness.  

It is revealed that The Faceless civilization and the human race are one, living through the cycles, at times crossing paths within the morphing fabric of space. Psyla is devastated to lose him again this time, as they realized their souls were intertwined in a profound way, in her life back on earth. (this was revealed in the earlier chapter).

He confided in her, " We're tired of being slaves to forever, now we get to die for having lived. We are the lucky ones."

Baring the weight of making the decision for his people, he imparts technology to Psyla and her crew, enabling them to return to earth, to stabilize the hologram through harnessing the power of collective intelligence, to break through the facade of AI.  

But will humanity be able to reconcile their differences and confront the consequences of erasing individuality for the greater good?

The crew returns, Psyla emerges as both a martyr to some and a monster to others. But most of all she goes through a profound metamorphoses, realizing that she must embrace her new path and keep fighting, so that in another life, once again, she will be reunited, even for a brief moment in time, with the lone warrior, in their dejavu.  

The next Graphic Novel will be about a rebellion against collective consciousness and individuality, with the growing threat of artificial intelligence. 


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