Premise: An origin story of the significance of the artifact for the civilization of The Faceless... The video depicts the Faceless character searching through the cavers, guided by a device located the artifact. The Faceless character finds the artifact, but soon discovers that it's guarded by The Basilisk. 

The Basilisk is medusa like character, causes death to those who look into her eyes.

Trying not to look into her eyes, The Faceless has a device that prevents the Basilisk from attack. Using that, he grabs hold of the Artifact but all of a sudden, the basilisk appears right in front of him and looks right at him. The Faceless falls to the ground holding the artifact. (The facemask lights go out) . As the Basilisk walks around him, presuming him dead, his mask lights come back on, as he comes back to life. The Basilisk lets him go, as he is the only one to survive her gaze, presumed he is the chosen one by the artifact, she lets him take it to his people. His people are the advanced civilization, hidden in the universe, they figured out how to link themselves to artificial intelligence. And the artifact is the key link to make the merge possible. 

In Between the story line scenes, there are shots of the band members playing the song, in some of the shots The Basilisk is luring around them. 

(I don't think we need to set up a scene where the whole band is playing together, can justbe individual shots) 


The Faceless character 

The Basilisk 

Would like to have a sing through scene, then close ups of the eyes, and the scene of the basilisk moving around the cavern all snake like...

I'd like to get a scene moving around the cavern so i can speed up/slow down the footage 

Also, regarding lighting, i'm thinking one scene where it's blue/ black light, cause the outfit glows in the black light, so it might be cool for some almost silhouette shots, but overall, kind of fire feel, i have some lights that resemble fire with how they flicker, so we can use them, or whatever you guys think would look best! 


This is the artifact that links the Faceless to artificial intelligence 

We'll need some cool closeups for it, i'll get some cool stand for it...

This is what The Faceless character uses to control the Basilisk from attacking him 

The look of the band for this will be very dystopian like depicted in this poster below... 


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