EDGE OF PARADISE - 01 - Hologram.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 02 - This is Personal.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 03 - Soldiers Of Danger.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 04 - The Faceless.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 05 - Dark.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 06 - Unbeatable.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 07 - Don't Give Up On Me.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 08 - One More Time.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 09 - Basilisk.mp3

EDGE OF PARADISE - 10 - Another Life.mp3

Japan Bonus Track


Graphic Novel Main points based on the songs

  1. Smugglers, Scavengers, & Mercenaries commissioned by extraordinarily wealthy alien race from another planet to track down a priceless artifact from The Faceless people 
  2. Story opens with stunning visuals of the aesthetics of The Faceless alien race’s home planet & the Main Protagonist of The Faceless people trudging across the landscape tracking something or someone 
  3. He encounters a mercenary believed to have stolen their ancient, precious artifact & fight ensues | The Faceless people are depicted to exceptionally proficient and deadly warriors | The Protagonist kills the mercenary scavenger | Only to uncover that he doesn’t have the artifact 
  4. Story pans to a spaceship with crew in stasis for intergalactic travel | Ship gets knocked off original course of destination | Crew awakes from stasis to uncover they are way off course | The navigation computer, along with the captain of the ship, Margaritas character, uncover that there is a local planet that is habitable with breathable air and drinkable water | They decide to land there | This planet is the home world of The Faceless people 
  5. Margarita’s main character is a world-renowned intergalactic archeologist and explorer | Upon landing, chance dictates that she uncovers and finds the Artifact | Meanwhile the main Faceless protagonist is still desperately tracking it
  6. The alien race of people know as The Faceless have garnered a notorious reputation throughout the centuries for being absolutely brutal, territorial savages but deeply feared due to their lethal skills in combat | People once believed that they never showed their faces & were given the name, The Faceless, then as more time passed, they were rumored to not have faces at all  - and became feared across the Galaxy. 
  7. The Main Protagonist of The Faceless tracks down Margarita | Contention and fighting ensues with the crew 
  8. The Faceless are actually the antithesis of savages and uncivilized, they are peaceful and incredibly advanced further than most civilization | They have unlocked many of the Universe’s secrets | Created super intelligence AI and have discovered the perfect harmony with it and we’re able to sync with this AI to further advance their society for the betterment of all - and the Artifact is the key to enables this synchronization to work | Being called and painted as “savages” is a word used expressively throughout history to label a society that is less technologically advanced than those overtaking it | For example: the Native American Indians were “Spiritually Advanced” but not “Technologically Advanced” in comparison to the White colonizing Europeans | This will be a very rare instance in the course of history when a race is both “Spiritually Advanced” and “Technologically Advanced” but are misunderstood as “savages”
  9. The main protagonist of The Faceless senses a profound kindness in Margaritas main protagonist character - enough so, that he believes that she is ready to psychically link with him. They discover each others true nature through this & also deep secrets not only inherent to the Universe, but to their own cultures as well
  10. At the end, The Faceless protagonist becomes mortally wounded - as he is dying, he entrusts the artifact to Margarita’s character because of his trust and love for her | He also knows that this is the only way to power her ship so her and her crew can return home | There’s great sadness that floods Margarita’s character but her drive & determination to not let him die in vain - leads her to uncover a way to get her ship powered & get her crew home 
  11. In the end, she ultimately decides to stay and reruns the artifact to The Faceless people’s city | She activates the artifact within the main sepulcher of the holy temple and saves The Faceless civilization | She is revered and becomes the Queen of The Faceless
  12. The closing scene shows her walking into a newly constructed building - opulent in its natural beauty - and it’s revealed to be a shrine | A smile comes across her face along with tears, as she looks up at the newly erected statue honoring her Faceless warrior 


Alien Language of  "TheFaceless People"

Music Video Schedule:

Hologram - completed by Jan 26

Soldiers of Danger - Completed by March 1

Basilisk - Completed by March 30

The Faceless - Completed by May 25 

(rest tba)


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