Edge Of Paradise announces new album “The Unknown” and partnership with Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson of Judge & Jury Records.

     US-based hard rock act Edge Of Paradise used the time of the COVID-19 pandemic to create their fourth studio album—which is, as the band describes, their most dynamic, cinematic, and thought-provoking album to date. 

     Singer Margarita states “Being in a band, we learned how to make something positive out of any situation. It was extremely hard to learn that the tours, we were so looking forward to, were cancelled. So we dove into making new music, to keep ourselves sane through the shut down. And in a weird way, 2020 turned out to be, one of the most creatively fulfilling years for us.”
     Regarding the new album, Margarita says, “We like to push the boundaries of reality with our music. I pour my soul into every word, and aim to create an otherworldly, larger-than-life setting for the songs to exist in, with the goal to take the listener on a journey through endless possibilities. In this album, we explore what our future might look like, as we merge with technology, as we make new discoveries and blur the lines of science fiction. Could our souls exist in a digital space? Could we coexist with the rise of artificial intelligence? What would the world look like, if we see past the boundaries of our body and mind… would it make us feel more connected or alone? And most of all, this music sends an empowering message: to find strength in the unknown.” 

The band started recording at the end of 2019 with producer Mike Plotnikoff, who brought in Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace to co-produce. 
“It was cool to have Neil’s perspective; he really brought out the focus of the lyrics and melodies. It takes Dave and I a long time to build the songs; we nurture each part until we bring them all together to create a song.”

Shortly after, the partnership evolved to the band signing with Grammy Award-winning producer, Howard Benson of Judge & Jury Records. 
“It was amazing to start working with Howard; he really elevated the songs to the highest level and brought out the best in us.
 We are also back with Jacob Hansen, who mixed and mastered our previous album, “Universe.” Mixing is such a crucial piece of the puzzle, and we trust Jacob, as he does an incredible job with the final step: bringing these songs to life! 

With a strongteam supporting the band, Judge & Jury Records and Frontiers Records, Edge Of Paradise is excited to expand their dimension and bring it to all corners of the world! 

The band puts great emphasis on epic visuals to support their music and has already filmed two music videos to support the release of the first two singles from the album. On working with Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome Studios, Margarita states, “We love working with Scott and his crew; he really gets our vision and turns our music into visual art!”