In the face of adversity, Edge of Paradise stand fearless with their new music video and single, launching the Pre Orders for their upcoming album HOLOGRAM, set to release July 14, 2023!

Coming off the excitement of their West Coast tour with Lacuna Coil, US based cinematic rock band, Edge of Paradise are thrilled to unveil the music video for "Hologram" and the single "Soldiers of Danger" off their upcoming album, HOLOGRAM co produced with Mike Plotnikoff and mixed by Jacob Hansen. 

The band states: "We are living through a "music industry" nightmare, ironically the album mirrors the reality of our fight. Although a story for another time, the adversities made us stronger than ever, as we focus on presenting you with our most monumental music to date."

Landing into the cyber world of the previous album THE UNKNOWN, the heavier sound of HOLOGRAM takes you right into the face of danger and tells the story of pursuit, sacrifice and perseverance against all cosmic odds, uncovering the key to build a new reality.  

Edge of Paradise states, "We kick off the album with the music video to the first single, HOLOGRAM, set on the deadly planet, HD 189733b "The Rain of Terror" and to survive, we must go beyond artificial intelligence..."

Watch the music video, created in collaboration with director, Isaak Morin


"The next song emerged from the encounter with the leader of the most advanced civilization, The Faceless. And in order to rebuilt our reality, we must become SOLDIERS OF DANGER"

Listen to the single:

Edge of Paradise are excited to unveil the Pre Order package, that features signed CD/Vinyl of the new album, T-shirt, signed Poster and "Never Surrender" military tag necklace. 


For the album cover art, the band, once again teamed up with the artist, Alex Ruiz.

Edge of Paradise thanks their production team Mike Plotnikoff, Jacob Hansen, FM Music Management, 33 & West and all the fans that keep fueling our world! 

Catch the band's futuristic show at Blue Ridge Rock Fest September 7th-10th and keep posted for more upcoming tour dates on 


Track listing

1. Hologram

2. This Is Personal

3. Soldiers Of Danger

4. The Faceless

5. Dark

6. Unbeatable

7. Don't Give Up On Me

8. One More Time

9. Basilisk

10. Another Life


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