EDGE OF PARADISE  Joins Allearplugs.com on their SAVE YOUR HEARING Campaign

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EDGE OF PARADISE is excited to be joining Allearplugs.com, to raise awareness about protecting your hearing, in the HEARING SAFETY CAMPAIGN. 

“As a performing musician, your hearing is you’re most valuable instrument. Thanks to these ear plugs, we can look forward to safely and effectively enjoying the creative process at the volumes we have become accustomed to - without risking long term damage or suffering from a “muffled” listening experience.”

It’s alarming that Tinnitus (ringing in the ears and early sign of damage) affects 50 million people in the United States. And when looking at more facts, it’s easy to assume that most people are unaware of the dangers, not just in music, but on day today basis. And since noise is the leading cause of hearing loss, taking an easy precaution, such as wearing earplugs can greatly prevent the damage.

Edge Of Paradise is getting ready for more shows in support of their upcoming CD Immortal Waltz out May 22, and want to urge all concert goers to obtain the right earplugs that will not only protect against damaging sounds, but also ensure clarity of sound.

“We thank Allearplugs.com for providing us with some great earplugs! We want to be doing this for a very long time and we only got one set of ears, so let’s protect them!”

Join the campaign and help spread the importance of this message by sharing with its signature hashtag #saveyourhearing

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