Hologram track is the continuation of Digital Paradise, the idea behind it is that we can explore any worlds by experiencing it through a digital state. The song describes exploring a planet "rain of terror" with nightmarish conditions of ravaging winds at the speed of sound, accompanied by deadly rain of glass shards.   We are limited in our human form, but our holograms can experience anything, even withstand one of the deadliest planets in the universe.

In the video we portray us as "Holograms" experiencing the environment and show Margarita (covered in VR gear) in the physical form 
At the end of the video, the physical form of Margarita will introduce an artifact that will appear in the world of the Holograms 

To set the question wether we are actually experiencing a real world as holograms or are we making up a holographic world to experience it...

Look / main outfit of the band

In the editing, flashes of imagery described (extreme storm, volatile alien landscape, glass shards....)  will go between scenes  

SOLO (Close up) SHOTS IN FRONT OF DIGITAL SCREEN (with motion graphics)

Lot's of wind (with industrial fans), feeling of motion (weather FX will be added in post) 

Margarita sing through 

Each member does a play through with instrument and without, reacting to the environment, running...

"Faceless people" being that live there, slow ominous movements

Green screen treadmill so it looks like we're running 

BAND SHOT- DIGITAL SCREEN (with motion graphics)

Fill up the room with fog to obscure the setting of a room

Weather effect will be added in post 

But we'll need a lot of  fog and fans to add motion

Motion graphic of molten planet on the digital screen

(I have red gels for the lights we can use, or I can color it in post)

(Also, maybe we can add water on the ground 


Each member Solo Shots playing instruments and movement 

Margarita Sing through 

Margarita movement 

Each member walks on the greenscreen treadmill in a military type of walk, very rigid to the beat

"Faceless People" the cyberpunk mask character, movement to the laser as well as "flow" movement with LED nunchucks 

*Need to capture each member and the laser position with and without 

(At the end of the video, the holograms of us will glitch out) 

Shot with Margarita finding the artifact 

Would be cool to get a slow motion scene of glass particles being thrown at margarita (i can get some craft crystals that are not sharp that would reflect light cool)  

Margarita Scene, different outfit, Artificial Intelligence/VR headset 

Scene where it's the physical body operation holograms (sing through and some slow motion) 

This is where the artifact is introduced first

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