Exploring dangerous new worlds in the unknown to redesign our reality

Graphic Novel Main points based on the songs

  1. Smugglers, Scavengers, & Mercenaries commissioned by extraordinarily wealthy alien race from another planet to track down a priceless artifact from The Faceless people 
  2. Story opens with stunning visuals of the aesthetics of The Faceless alien race’s home planet & the Main Protagonist of The Faceless people trudging across the landscape tracking something or someone 
  3. He encounters a mercenary believed to have stolen their ancient, precious artifact & fight ensues | The Faceless people are depicted to exceptionally proficient and deadly warriors | The Protagonist kills the mercenary scavenger | Only to uncover that he doesn’t have the artifact 
  4. Story pans to a spaceship with crew in stasis for intergalactic travel | Ship gets knocked off original course of destination | Crew awakes from stasis to uncover they are way off course | The navigation computer, along with the captain of the ship, Margaritas character, uncover that there is a local planet but it's so volatile that only the strongest of the minds can survive...  Posed with no choice, they decide to land there | This planet is the home world of The Faceless people 
  5. Margarita’s main character is a world-renowned intergalactic archeologist and explorer | Upon landing, chance dictates that she uncovers and finds the Artifact | Meanwhile the main Faceless protagonist is still desperately tracking it
  6. The alien race of people know as The Faceless have garnered a notorious reputation throughout the centuries for being absolutely brutal, territorial savages but deeply feared due to their lethal skills in combat | People once believed that they never showed their faces & were given the name, The Faceless, then as more time passed, they were rumored to not have faces at all  - and became feared across the Galaxy. Main weapon of The Faceless are laser nunchucks
  7. The Main Protagonist of The Faceless tracks down Margarita 
  8. The Faceless are actually the antithesis of savages and uncivilized, they are peaceful and incredibly advanced further than most civilization | They have unlocked many of the Universe’s secrets | Created super intelligence AI and have discovered the perfect harmony with it and we’re able to sync with this AI to further advance their society for the betterment of all - and the Artifact is the key to enables this synchronization to work | Being called and painted as “savages” is a word used expressively throughout history to label a society that is less technologically advanced than those overtaking it | For example: the Native American Indians were “Spiritually Advanced” but not “Technologically Advanced” in comparison to the White colonizing Europeans | This will be a very rare instance in the course of history when a race is both “Spiritually Advanced” and “Technologically Advanced” but are misunderstood as “savages”
  9. The main protagonist of The Faceless senses a profound kindness in Margaritas main protagonist character - enough so, that he believes that she is ready to digitally link with him. They discover each others true nature through this & also deep secrets not only inherent to the Universe, but to their own cultures as well
  10. At the end, The Faceless protagonist becomes mortally wounded - as he is dying, he entrusts the artifact to Margarita’s character because of his trust and love for her | He also knows that this is the only way to power her ship so her and her crew can return home | There’s great sadness that floods Margarita’s character but her drive & determination to not let him die in vain - leads her to uncover a way to get her ship powered & get her crew home 
  11. In the end, she ultimately decides to stay and reruns the artifact to The Faceless people’s city | She activates the artifact within the main sepulcher of the holy temple and saves The Faceless civilization | She is revered and becomes the Queen of The Faceless
  12. The closing scene shows her walking into a newly constructed building - opulent in its natural beauty - and it’s revealed to be a shrine 


Music Video for "Hologram"

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