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Produced by Michael Wagener
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Edge Of Paradise
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Perfect Shade Of Black EP

Mixed and mastered by Michael Wagener 
Recorded with Bob Kulick & Brett Chassen

Edge Of Paradise Perfect Shade Of Black
Cover Art Created by Ioannis of Dangerous Age Art

"Exceptional and surprising new EP smashes preconceived notions in marked difference from debut album... This new EP is going to surprise you in a major way, but in a really good way. "

" Let me be the first to say that Perfect Shade Of Black meets and exceeds all of said expectations..."               

   - PureGrainAudio

"Edge Of Paradise has the potential to be one of the top bands going into 2014"                                                                                                                                                      -TheyWillRockYou.com

" Margaritas voice has the special spark in the dark and you cannot get enough listening to her... From all the new bands that I have heard meanwhile this is the very best out of all!"  

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Recorded by: Bob Kulick, Brett Chassen
MIixed by: Michael Wagener

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